2021 Lean Meat Pack for 1 (14 servings)

2021 Lean Meat Pack for 1 (14 servings)

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This pack has been specially made for anyone who over indulged over Christmas and are looking at improving the quality of their diets in 2021. We have put together an incredible collection of some of our best cuts which is incredibly good value and also very good on your waistline.

This pack aims to give you the correct intake of protein from exceptional quality meat while still maintaining the best flavour possible. The pack will cover one person for lunch and dinner for 7 days.

Each Item will be individually packaged so if you need to you can freeze down in individual portions which will allow you to defrost quickly when you need it. Here is an example of what you can expect to find in our weekly subscriptions,

- 4 x harissa marinated free range chicken breasts

- 4 x extra special grass fed flat iron steaks

- 2 x 250g chimichurri marinated heritage pork fillet 

- 2 x 200g salt marsh lamb loin

- 2 x 200g portions of 5% beef mince