Natural Farming

Bone and Block are working on the frontline and changing the future of how people buy and view meat. Our farmers honour the natural land they work on by increasing the bio-diversity and regenerating the natural British countryside. This is the only method of farming that is sustainable and will keep our countryside in its best health. The use of small, traditional farms and outdoor reared herds reared on naturally foraged pasture, and the art of master butchery on the butcher’s block by hand for the perfect finish are the steps we take on our journey to delivering the best.

Ex- Dairy Beef

Retired Dairy Cows. Following a four year dairy cycle our cows retire and naturally grow fat. It comes from Simmental or Holstein Friesian cattle This type of beef originated in the Basque Country and is often referred to as the “Basque Cider House Steak” after a tradition of Basque farmers exchanging beef for cider at the Cider Houses.  

Field To Fork

Natural farming, master butchery and finally respectful cooking. We opened the 'Bone and Block' kitchen in Duke Street Market in June 2019. This was the final piece to showcasing the natural produce our farmers and master butchers have worked so hard for. We are able to champion different cuts which are not readily available in most shops and support nose to tail eating. We can give you assurance on anything you buy from us will be traceable back to the farm. We serve breakfast from 10am to 12pm and our full steakhouse style menu is serves 12pm to 10pm. You can enjoy a simple steak and eggs with harissa mojo & chimichurri or a decadent 1kg cote de boeuf for 2 people in the very tasteful surroundings of the market hall. If you are visiting Liverpool and are looking for the best steakhouse come and let us look after you.

David Stokes

Dry aged steak pack & Cote De Boeuf

The Cote De Boeuf was lovely, we had the other steaks too! We are having the lamb today and burgers tomorrow. The dog was made up with the spare bones too!

Oliver Downey

Free Range Mixed Meat Pack

I can't describe how nice it was. Im coming to bone and block every day when lockdown is over.

Luke Selby

Big Steak Pack

I cooked the 1kg Cote De Boeuf aged for 40 days. There is an Incredible flavour in the meat. As good as it gets.

Bone and Block, Duke Street Market

46 Duke Street, Liverpool,

L1 5AS

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Large BBQ Box


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